You’ve been working flat out for months
and ongoing supply chain issues continue to
throw wrenches in your wheels. What now?

There are some pretty hefty delivery periods out there – weeks to months. Experts are warning these issues will persist well into the future. What can we do now that won’t just help us keep up with work, but take advantage of growing our business while demand remains high?

We have a few thoughts for you. One as simple as planning ahead, but way ahead.

First, Take Stock of Your Business

Think of all the jobs you have lined up over the next 12 months.

Then, mentally review your equipment fleet. What items should you replace, or add, that will get jobs done faster and decrease cost?

Now, think of what additional tools would enable you to build your business by offering more services.

Make a list.

We have a few tool suggestions below that our customers have recently added to their fleet.  Always consider the rising expense of hauling materials off and on-site. Think recycle.  Having the right bucket or attachment for specific functions speeds up your process exponentially.  In addition, the right tool should free up manpower which would be better spent getting to work on your next job.

Not sure how an item can hitch to your current machine? What attachment weight can my excavator or skid steer handle? We can help you with that, too.

Second, Check Stock

There are some items in stock. If you find them, don’t wait, grab them. If you’ve been needing a cable bucket, replacement ripper, or weld-on adaptor, get them. We will be happy to quickly check stock for you with our manufacturers.

Third, Don’t Wait to Order!

Don’t wait to order because the product isn’t available for several months. In many cases, a deposit is sufficient to place your order. Your order will designate that item is held for you. Otherwise, the next customer gets it.

Fourth, Don’t Rule Out Financing

There are currently decent rates out there with deferred payment options. In a nutshell, you may not have to start paying on that loan until your product is in hand. And, tax incentives are a thing. You could see substantial tax savings by reinvesting in your business.

We work with some great folks who have helped many of our customers this year. They are easy to talk to and are no pressure. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t hurt to ask a pro in the field.

A&D Equipment Product Recommendations: Build Your Business


Status: Several models in stock, Full stock available in 2 weeks.

The benefits of adding this to your wheelhouse are endless. For landscapers, hardscapers, excavators, and developers, the sheer speed and precision of on-site material screening and repurposing offer huge savings and convenience. Want a test drive? We can do that.


Status: Call for Stock Availability

Thanks to high-grade steel, Steelwrist buckets and tools are designed with optimal weight vs. strength. Definitely consider having the right tool for grading, ripping and specific excavating needs. Each product is engineered to outperform competitors by thoughtful and innovative design.

Indeco Mulching Head


Status: Call for Stock Availability

For agriculture, forestry, land clearing and landscaping, Indeco’s mulching heads are tailored to fit carriers from 5 to 50 tons. With HARDOX components and bodies, you can achieve much greater productivity and cost-efficiency with less crew. For excavators, backhoes or skid steers you can turn your existing machine into a powerful land-clearing tool.

Indeco Mulching Head


Status: Call for Stock Availability

A tiltrotator increases productivity, period. Experienced operators estimate up to 35%. That’s huge. Jobs can be done faster, you can take on new types of jobs that couldn’t be done without a tiltrotator, and there is less need for ground manpower. The difference with getting a Steelwrist Tiltrotator is an unbeatable strength vs. weight relationship with steel casted components, a low building height – we can explain why that is so important, a high tilt angle, and Front Pin Lock technology.

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