“A new technology has been developed for the manufacturing of the Xcentric Crusher, with which we have managed to achieve profitable production levels for crusher buckets.

The increase in production per hour, with long maintenance intervals (lubrication 200 hours), and a powerful heart that provides the necessary reliability to work with it constantly, makes out of the Xcentric Crusher a machine that will turn profitable your stone crushing or recycling materials processes.

This is possible thanks to the Patent-Pending Technology that applies a high inertia power train, circular jaw movement, as well as a new and easy antiestagnation plate, which prevents large shredding pieces from getting stuck in the bucket´s mouth, not allowing them to enter the crushing jaws.” – Xcentric Ripper International

A&D’s excavating division highly recommends and uses the high-performance products of Xcentric.


Mining Series

This series of the hydraulic ripper Xcentric Ripper, called “Mining Series”, is focused on mining, where the highest production values ​​are required, as well as continuous work shifts where the reliability and comfort of working with the excavator are of vital importance.

Crusher Series

Consistent quality and high performance crusher bucket, for rock crushing and recycling of materials. Built in HARDOX 400. Solid, durable, characterized by the recognizable clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions.

Screener Series

The Xcentric Screener is a high-performance screening bucket rotating trommel type. In its manufacturing several variants have been combined improving the traditional screening technology: a 12-sided polygonal trommel, shakes the material inside more efficiently; more…

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