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2022 CT Grounds Keepers Association Expo

A&D Equipment, Inc. is super excited to announce our Rotastar Tour America adventure! We are shipping the Rotastar screening bucket around the country to companies just like yours to use for about 4 weeks.  Take it to your job sites, screen soil, waste, turf, roots and more into usable product with drastically less material to haul out.

The Rotastar screening bucket is the star of our fleet. A rugged, compact attachment so incredibly easy to transport, screens wet or dry, simple install and maintenance, and uses a one-way hammer circuit with no case line needed.

For small companies needing big solutions and for big companies needing better solutions, the Rotastar offers portable screening at the end of your boom.

The current Rotastar Tour America bucket is available in the continuous United States.

Machine Qualifications:

  1. Excavators ranging from 6,615 – 11,100 lbs
  2. Quick Coupler hydraulics required
  3. Uses a Symmetrical standard S40 adapter to connect to the machine

View full specifications below.

Here’s how you can get on Rotastar Tour America!

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Rotastar Tour America Pit Stops!

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