A&D Equipment Inc. was founded to offer the world’s best equipment that exceeds our tough excavating and demolition standards. Whether we work with a landscaper, hardscaper, site developer or national contractor, what we offer to you, our excavating division uses every day. We carefully weigh investment vs. productivity, innovation, functionality, durability, and longevity of every product we sell.


Not unlike the thousands and thousands of other American stories, our roots grew from a young immigrant man who arrived in the States with a small bag of possessions and a heart overflowing with ambition. And also, not unlike so many others, that young man found his gal, his home, and built his business brick by brick.

A few years back, one of our manufacturers produced a video about our history that we think captures our spirit perfectly. (Link: Storytelling Video) Pictured here is the old crew back in the 70’s.  Center is Salvatore LaFata – the young immigrant – standing proudly beside his son, Anthony LaFata.  That monster of a Caterpillar was a huge addition (pun intended) to LaFata & Son Excavating.


LaFata & Son Excavating

LaFata & Son became one of the most trusted residential, commercial and municipal excavators on the Connecticut shoreline.  Earth here varies from dense pine and oak forests to mucky wetlands and sand and surf, with lots of ledge in-between.  We have the complete version of four seasons; blizzards, ice, hurricanes, Spring rains, coastal and river flooding, and summer drought.  The majority of population have city water and sewer, but the most of the rural land is on well and septic.  Excavating expertise is crucial here.


How does the Steelwrist Tiltrotator work?

Anthony LaFata, Vice President, A&D Equipment, Inc.

Anthony LaFata advanced the company through his unique understanding of excavating methodology. He embraced advancements in technology and applied systematic strategies to projects based on varied demands and local land conditions. His goal was, and is, to get the job done faster, safer and more cost-effective than the competition.

As an expert excavation and demolition contractor, Anthony excels in large project execution and management of surface and subsurface excavation. He is a catalyst in the advancement excavating technique and remediation. He continuously keeps his eye on the global construction marketplace for valuable products and performs vigorous on-site testing.

He is a wealth of information that customers from across the country regularly tap into for advice. He is a problem-solver and teacher that truly enjoys helping people.


How does the Steelwrist Tiltrotator work?

Donna J. LaFata, President, A&D Equipment, Inc.

Donna J. LaFata has always had a passion for field science and sustainability.  She earned her BS in Biology, MS in Environmental Education and certification as a Professional Educator in the state of Connecticut.  After Donna and Anthony married, she supported the LaFata & Son office while raising their four children and continuing her interest in social sciences.  In 2010 they formulated the idea of expanding into equipment sales.  It was an opportunity to share their collective field expertise with a wider customer base.

A&D Equipment Sales LLC grew steadily in both size and territory.  In 2020, Donna became instrumental in the next phase of business development. A&D Equipment became incorporated, along with a growing support staff, enhanced operational systems and advanced technology.  Now President of A&D Equipment Inc., serving North America, Donna is extremely proud to be a ‘woman in construction’ helping to open new doors for women across the industry.


A&D’s ongoing commitment is to seek, research and test the most cutting-edge excavation and demolition equipment on the market. Technology is growing exponentially – imagine the future. Today, hydraulic quick couplers enable an operator to change tools without ever getting out of the cab. Buckets and work tools rotate 360º limiting the need for excavator repositioning. Screening materials, on-site into usable site product eliminating transport time, tipping fees and material purchasing cost. Reach the toughest job site with greater operator safety. All of this, today, and all while decreasing fuel consumption and increasing sustainability.

Tomorrow? We look forward to being there with SPEED, INNOVATION AND PERFORMANCE.

A&D Equipment, Inc.


Take advantage of our years of expert knowledge.  We'll help you stay up to date in the excavating industry to help you make the best decisions for your company.  Plus, sales and invitations to our popular Open House events!

Thanks for joining our A&D family. We look forward to providing you with solutions for your business.

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