™The massive screening area of the Rotastar™ Screening Bucket is possible by using lightweight, flexible, polyurethane stars. The rotating stars are mounted on shafts that agitate and rotate the material. The rotation does not crush or pinch the material, resulting in complete separation and no material contamination.

Rotarstar™ Polyurethane Star

Our Rotastar™ Screening line of products is ideal for numerous applications, including topsoil, waste, turf, roots, gypsum, and many other materials.

Simple, Rugged, Heavy-Duty Construction

Minimize Conventional Excavating Costs. When utilizing the Rotastar™ technology, the costs of loading, transporting, tipping, and processing are significantly reduced.
Gain Access to the Toughest Job Sites. Compact and easy-to-transport products.
Rugged Construction with Easy Maintenance. Built with the best materials for reliability. Easy to remove transmission guard, simple heavy-duty chain drive, and the unique Rotastar™ design prevents shaft wear.
Screen Wet or Dry Materials. Our flexible polyurethane stars are gentile on fragile material.

Our Rotastar™ product line ranges in carrier weight from 2.4 to 33 tons. Producing output ranging from 10 – 100 tons/hour. The variable speed control allows you to adjust the fragment size by changing the shaft speed. You can tailor your output size with a variety of star, collar, and spacer options, offering any size company to take advantage of the right fit for you.

A & D Equipment has spent years testing and working these screening buckets under the toughest working conditions. Ask us what product is right for your business. We specialize in on-site event demos, one-on-one consultation and custom solutions.


Carrier Weight: 3.5-5.5 tons
Shafts: 3
Bucket Capacity: .2 c/y
Output p/hr: 11 tons
Bucket Weight: 617 lbs

Carrier Weight: 4.4-10 tons
Shafts: 4
Bucket Capacity: .39 c/y
Output p/hr: 27 tons
Bucket Weight: 1,356 lbs

Carrier Weight: 11-22 tons
Shafts: 5
Bucket Capacity: .85 c/y
Output p/hr: 44 tons
Bucket Weight: 2,337 lbs
Carrier Weight: 22-33 tons
Shafts: 8
Bucket Capacity: 1.57 c/y
Output p/hr: 100 tons
Bucket Weight: 3,748 lbs
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